Williams has been working with BAFTA on and off since 2005. There is a lot of difference between photographing the BAFTAs and Williams’ usual stylized shoots, he says, but both work equally well. “I love the balance of my working life because I do stuff like this where all I’m using is my experience, my empathy, the contacts I’ve made over the years, and wit. A lot of the photos come incredibly last minute and very opportunistically. You shoot them very quickly and suddenly. One thing I love about that stuff is being the guy in the room.”


Hy, ich bin Tanja! Wenn ich nicht gerade koche oder fotografiere, blogge ich als Ernährungstrainerin und Gesundheitstrainerin (i.A.) unter dem Motto "go green" über meinen nachhaltigen, entspannten und bunten Lebensstil.